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Our design services

We are here to guide and support you through the planning and design process. By working with All Design Co, you have the confidence to make your project an exciting and positive experience. We offer personalised interior design services with face to face consultations to discuss your plan with careful consideration of your budget and time management. Our aim is to build a trusting relationship with you and guide you through transforming your space.


Space Planning
Determine the layout of rooms,
furniture arrangement,
and traffic flow within the space.

Concept Development
Create design concepts, themes,
and mood boards to guide the
overall aesthetic of the space.

Budgeting and Cost Estimation
Assist clients establish budgets for
their projects and provide cost
estimates for materials, labor,
and other expenses upon design


Custom Design
Design custom furniture, cabinetry, and built-in features to maximize space utilization and suit the client’s specific needs.

Material Selection
Choosing appropriate materials for flooring, walls, ceilings, countertops, and other surfaces based on functionality, aesthetics, and budget.

Color Scheme Selection
Select paint colors (Interior & Exterior) wallpapers, and other decorative elements to establish thedesired ambiance & style.

Furniture and Fixture Selection
Help clients choose furniture, lighting fixtures, window treatments and accessories that complement the overall design scheme.

Exterior design / Outdoor rooms:
Provide design advice on creating spaces that flow from the inside out, extending the clients usable living areas.


Coordination with Contractors
Collaborate with contractors, and other professionals involved in the
renovation or construction process to
ensure that design plans are implemented correctly and the design outcomes are met.

Design Management
Oversee the renovation or construction
process to ensure that work progresses
according to schedule and meets quality standards.

Styling and Decoration
Add finishing touches such as artwork,
rugs, decorative accents, and plants to
enhance the visual appeal of the space.

Our Process

Congratulations! You have made the big move and reached out for assistance for your Residential or Commercial Interior Design Project. Where to from here? We have created a 5-step process to ensure a hassle-free project from start to finish. Particularly in the early stages, this focuses on a personal connection, trust and understanding your needs and tastes.

The primary purpose of a discovery call is a free 20-minute chat to introduce each other. We discuss your project in brief and how my services align with your requirements and assess if we are a good fit for working together.

After the call, should you wish to proceed I will email you a Booking request for an Initial Consultation.

Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation is undertaken onsite at the premises (if practical). It is an opportunity to meet you in person and get to know you, your family, lifestyle, any particular preferences you have for style/themes, walk through your project either physically or with floorplans you may have and discuss your design needs and expectations of engaging an interior designer.

At All Design Co. we find this an important stage of the process as it builds a personal connection, trust and an understanding of our clients’ needs and tastes.

At this face to face meeting we will discuss the project overview and establish the scope of work. This includes the type and purpose of space (residential or commercial), rooms involved and your goals you want to acheive from the design.

To ensure your expectations are aligned from the beginning I find this meeting a good time to openly discuss your prediction on the Project budget and desired timeline/schedule for completion.

The Initial Consultation is a flat fee payment for a two-hour time slot. The fee includes travel to and from the location in greater Sydney.

In preparation for the meeting you are encouraged to (but not essential) provide some inspiration images or examples of spaces you particularly like. During the meeting you are welcome to take notes, ask questions and share any information with me you feel might be useful in relation to your project.

Post meeting I will gather the information and develop a fee and services proposal outlining the scope of work and next steps.

Project Commencement & Concept Design Overview

Upon acceptance to proceed as per Fee proposal we proceed onto Stage 2 which involves a detailed scope of work and create a design concept that aligns with the client’s vision.

I gather inspiration through mood boards, color palettes, and style references. Included in this stage (if applicable) is evaluating the available space and create a scaled floor plan (not for construction). Tailored to each project, the design documentation for Stage 2 may include;



Select appropriate materials for flooring, wall treatments, and other surfaces as required.

Ensuring materials are fit for purpose, durable, aesthetically pleasing and within budget.

Sample board of colours & finishes provided if applicable.



Develop a color scheme that complements the design concept and finishes. Planning the lighting layout to create the desired ambiance and functionality.



Design custom elements such as Kitchen Design, Vanity Design, Entertainment units, Storage, built-in cabinets, shelving and the like.



Present ideas on furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) based on the design concept and functional requirements. Considering aesthetics, comfort and sustainability.

Upon completion The Design concept is presented face to face at a time suitable for both parties. A soft copy emailed post meeting and a hard copy available on request.

Design Fee for this stage is a flat fee and pre-determined after Stage 1 Initial Consultation once the Scope of Work is established.

Design Development

In stage 3 we finalise the ideas presented in Stage 2 including Finishes, Fixtures, Furniture & Equipment.

  • Please note should the work require DA or CDC approval is required,   recommendations for contractors to undertake this work will be discussed (See Services Exclusions below)
  • Prepare Schematic floorplans and joinery elevations (Note these are concept only and subject to check measure/construction drawings prior to production)
  • Document colour and finishes schedule and product specifications as approved and finalised, ensuring the relationship of materials is in line with brief.
  • This stage sees the commencement of obtaining quotes (if not completed prior), a trade day which involves introductions to relevant trades and a shopping trip on request.
  • Choose qualified contractors or tradespeople for construction and installation.
  • Oversee the project’s progress, ensuring it aligns with the design.
  • Supervise the implementation of the design plan.
  • Address any unforeseen issues or changes as they arise.
  • Order and coordinate the delivery of FF&E items.
  • Inspect items for quality and accuracy before installation.

Design Fee for this stage is a calculated estimate (only) based on the current hourly rate and pre-determined prior to commencement. Fee applies to both on and off-site work carried out.

Changes in Scope/ hours will incur additional fees based on the hourly rate and will be communicated at the time of event.

Design Management, Procurement and Completion

In this final Stage, All Design Co. oversees design-related aspects to ensure design outcomes are met and on schedule.

  • Liaising with the client and appointed contractors to track progress and send milestone updates.
  • Conduct a thorough inspection to identify and address any deficiencies or imperfections.
  • Make necessary corrections to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Upon Completion and on request – Arrange the post-renovation clean and style the space with accessories, artwork, and decorative elements.
  • Where applicable, invite the client to the final reveal and review the completed project.
  • Address any final requests or modifications.

Project Closure and Documentation handover is the final step where we finalise all financial and contractual matters and provide the client with final finishes schedule and documentation, including warranties and maintenance instructions.

Design Fee for this stage is a calculated estimate (only) based on the current hourly rate and pre-determined prior to commencement. Fee applies to both on and off-site work carried out.

Changes in Scope/ hours will incur additional fees based on the hourly rate and will be communicated at the time of event.

    All Design Co.only provide Interior Design services as outlined in the proposal and thereby excludes the following specialist services

    • Structural calculation and engineering
    • Mechanical, fire and electrical engineering
    • Architectural Drafting Services for new build e.g Basix cert, shadow diagrams
    • Graphic Design, wall art/mural design and branding design
    • Specialist audio, video, data and IT works
    • 3D Renders & Animated Fly throughs
    • Development Application drawings or submission to Council
    • Statutory Approval applications or Town Planning services
    • Services Drawings or consultant services for Mechanical, Fire, Hydraulic, Structural, Accessibility or other.

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